Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the price of the building?
Plans, building permit, labor, and materials based on the specifications you give us.
Is there a form we need to fill out to get started?
In order to start planning your building, we have provided an information worksheet for you to download (see "Downloads").
Is there a guarantee on roofs?
We guarantee "No Leaking Roofs," for a minimum of one year. If the roof has not leaked by then, there is a 99% chance it never will. If it does, please call and we can assess.
How is it that SBS buildings never leak?
We use 1-1/2" #14 self-sealing screws on all roofs and 1-1/2" #10 self-sealing screws on the siding. The manufacturer warranties the roof and siding for 45 years.
What if we want siding other than metal?
We can apply T1-11 or OSB siding. Should you decide to match your house siding, you are responsible for that siding (Hardy siding, cedar, shingles, etc.) and that is not included in the price of the bid.
Does the homeowner prepare the site where the pole building will be erected?
Your site must be clear and within 2 inches of being level with a 5-foot perimeter beyond the footprint of the building. We do, however have a preferred list of excavation companies that can prepare your site in most areas. Please contact us for more information.
Does SBS do any excavation work?
We can do some minor excavation work that does not include tree or stump removal, or large amounts of dirt. We do include 10 yards of sand in the price for final touch-up.
Do you offer any other services other than erecting our pole building?
We do not perform finish work such as drywall, plumbing, electrical, or insulation. We can construct additional framing to get your building sheet rock ready.
How about installing gutters on our building?
No need to hire a gutter company to install gutters, as we have our own continuous gutter mill with all the colors to match your building. Most counties require gutters.